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Turkey Creek

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Located in Eglin Reservation 5 miles north and west of Niceville off SR 85. Turkey Creek is narrow, twisty, clear, swift, and wildlife abundant with a white sand bottom and a green canopy. It empties into Boggy Bayou in Niceville.

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Jan's Snake
Pelican on the Dock
Pelican in Water
Turkey Creek
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 Date: 7/24/2010
Rating: Trip Rating
(Turkey Creek from Hippy Hole) Turkey Creek is a twisty stream that offers some technical difficulties due to the overhanging branches, underwater stobs and the narrowness of the stream. It is a club favorite because it is on Eglin Reservation with no buildings, just nature.

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 Date: 4/10/2010
Photos: 1 
(Turkey Creek) We put in at the upper section about 1030 and took out just after 3 at the Canoe launch bridge on 232. Trip leader Austin.

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 Date: 7/18/2009
Rating: Trip Rating
(Turkey Creek) Hippy Hole to Val-P boat ramp.

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 Date: 1/24/2009
Rating: Trip Rating
(Hippie Hole to Niceville) Super nice and lots of fun.

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 Date: 12/26/2008
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 8.7Photos: 20 
(Hippie Hole to Boggy Bayou) Pristine,clear white sand bottomed creek that twists and turns down to Boggy Bayou. Numerous wildlife have been seen along its banks. 8.7 miles. 4.5 hours.

   Read gpax's report

 Date: 12/23/2008
Rating: Trip Rating
(Hippie Hole to Niceville)    Read Unknown's report
 Date: 11/11/2008
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 7.1
   Read wildman's report
 Date: 10/4/2008
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 8.6Photos: 51 
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Cmt Turkey Creek CommentsLogin to Post   
Unknown on 4/11/2010 8:11am
Wish I had taken that photo!
paddlesolo on 1/27/2009 6:58pm
I believe the red berries in Greg Pack's Dec. 26 photo is the Yaupon Holly (Ilex vomitoria).
cicero1987 on 1/11/2009 6:58am
This stream is a club favorite. Wildlife abounds. This is the only creek where I have seen a bear. The section above this is a real treat. You put in at Doe Heaven bridge. A four wheel drive vehicle is a must for the upper section.
paddlesolo on 12/27/2008 11:52am
Well, since Greg Pack isn't as good a friend as I used to considered him to be, I might as well post "The rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say. I was going to paddle through a nice opening under a tree, but a branch firmly snagged my lifejacket. I stopped, but the canoe did not, and even though I caught hold of a branch and tried to keep the canoe upright, the strong current tipped the boat to the right. I had plenty of time to announce to Linda that I was going in for a swim. It was Linda that was able to get the unside down canoe free from the tree, and John Veasey was the one that caught it, dumped the water out, and put my things back in. There wasn't any dry clothes to put on, because I had a wet-sack. Evidently I didn't secure things correctly, and all my belongings were soaked. The nylon paddling pants and nylon top didn't hold water - thank goodness I didn't have on cotton capris that Doug always warns against!.

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