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Not all locations can be shown on this map as some locations may not have GPS coordinates recorded. Use the list below or page to find more interesting paddling places.

Location Name within Region
Coldwater Creek3286Map10/2/2008
Escambia River3542Map4/11/2010
Perdido River3226Map2/15/2009
Perdido, Upper Section-1927Map11/30/2008
Big Juniper Creek5851Map1/15/2011
Big Simpson River2880Map8/12/2009
Blackwater River4609Map8/3/2015
Boiling Creek4995Map12/26/2012
Coldwater3395 9/27/2012
Sweetwater Creek2071Map3/22/2010
Alaqua Creek3590Map5/8/2014
Blackwater River4120Map1/10/2010
Laurel Hill, Florida1945Map9/8/2009
Rocky Creek3837 3/21/2009
Titi Creek5232 10/31/2009
Turkey Creek6355Map7/27/2010
Turkey Hen Creek2655Map12/22/2008
Turtle Creek, Eglin Afb4024Map6/7/2009
Chipola River2701Map11/22/2008
Crystal River Kings Bay2136 1/26/2009
Dry Creek2650Map6/20/2012
Econfina Creek Of Bay County4068 1/25/2009
Falling Waters State Rec. Park1929Map1/27/2009
Holmes Creek7203 10/18/2010
Lower Dry Creek - Chipola1851Map11/21/2009
Ocheesee Pond2479Map11/22/2008
Santa Fe River2188Map10/13/2009
Seven Runs Creek2947Map11/5/2010
Shoal River3937Map7/1/2011
Sopchoppy/wakulla/wacissa R.1747 11/4/2009
St. Marks River2462 1/4/2009
Upper Chipola River1942 9/27/2008
Wacissa River2009 1/11/2009
Walton County-2435 7/1/2011
Weeki Wachee River2169Map1/26/2009
Big Escambia Creek5793Map11/28/2009
Big Escambia Grissett Bridge2324Map9/25/2008
Conecuh River2888 11/6/2011
Coosa River2918Map10/17/2008
Double Bridges Creek - Alabama2356Map6/1/2009
Little River2195Map10/14/2008
Murder Creek2162Map4/26/2009
Pigeon - Sepulga2015Map2/2/2009
Pigeon Creek2088 4/20/2009
Sepulga River3186Map11/3/2008
Sepulga, Bull Slough Put In2098Map1/11/2009
Styx River2823 5/30/2010
Yellow River3117Map5/25/2010
Brooklyn, Ms1981Map9/16/2009