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Equipment: First Aid Kit

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Equipment;First Aid Kit Proper preparation can give you a strong edge towards overcoming emergency or survival situations. It is important for everyone that participates in kayaking to have a basic first aid kit. More importantly is to have the training to properly administer first aid. Many excellent sources of instruction are available, such as the American Red Cross, YMCA, American Heart Association, local hospitals and Scouting programs.

Many pre-packaged first aid kits are available or you can assemble your own from the list below. If you select a pre-packaged kit, make sure it contains the basic components: bandages, adhesive tape, tweezers, headache tablets and antiseptic / germicide toweletts. Make sure your first aid kit is stored in a waterproof container. Many kayakers use dry boxes for this purpose.

Do-it-Yourself First Aid Kit
Item Quantity
First Aid Book 1
Adhesive Bandage (3/4 inch by 3 inches) 30
Knuckle Bandage 4
Adhesive Tape (1/2 inch) 10 yards
Gauze Pad (3 inch by 3 inch) 10
Gauze Bandage (2 inch) 6 yards
Ammonia Inhalant 3
Benzalkonium Chloride Antiseptic Towelette 10
Povidone-Iodine Ointment Germicide 4
Benzocaine Insect Bite Care Towelette 6
Calamine Lotion Insect Bite Care 1
Sodium Chloride Electrolyte Tablets (Salt Tablets) 10
Ibuprofen Aspirin Tablets or Capsules 10
Acetaminophen Tablets or Capsules 20
Nasal Decongestant Non-Drowsy 6
Antacid - Chewable Tablets 6
Bisacodyl Laxative Tablets 6
First Aid Cream 1 tube
Aloe Vera Gel 1 bottle
Chapstick-type Lip Protection with sunblock 1 tube
Motion Sickness Tablets 10
Water Purification Tablets 10
Cold Compress/Pack 1
Chemical Hand Warmer 1
Tweezers 1
Surgical Preparation Razor Blade 1