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Equipment: Radio Communications

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Cellular Phone Radio communications for the Florida kayaker usually comes in the form of a cellular phone. Cellular phone service is available in most areas of Florida with notable exceptions being the Everglades, some of the Florida Keys and an area around the lower Suwannee river.

Cell phones are great for calling the Coast Guard, friends and family and even ordering a piping hot pizza after a hard day of paddling on Honeymoon Island.

In case you're planning on a trip where phone service is not available, or you would like to be able to converse with passing boaters, you can use a Very High Frequency (VHF) marine radio. VHF radios are limited to line-of-sight communications so don't expect to transmit much further than a few miles from your kayak. VHF radios are most useful in areas with high boat traffic. Channel 16 is reserved for emergencies. Most VHF radios are capable of receiving NOAA weather forecasts.