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Equipment: Spray Skirt

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A spray skirt is a waterproof cover designed to attach to the coaming (cockpit rim) of the kayak and your body. The purpose of the spray skirt is to keep paddle drips, rain and large dumping waves out of your kayak. The skirt seals off the cockpit and traps in warm air, making it very useful during colder winter months. Unfortunately, it does the same during the summer.

Equipment;Spray Skirt Generally there are three types of spray skirts; those made from neoprene, waterproof nylon or a combination of the two. Full neoprene skirts are warmer and more waterproof. These are usually used in colder climates or on whitewater kayaks. Combination skirts are useful if you kayak in a lot of surf or around large waves. If you want to practice Eskimo rolls, purchase either a full neoprene or combination skirt.

Equipment;Spray Skirt In Florida latitudes, a lightweight nylon sprayskirt is usually your best best. This type of skirt is not very good in heavy surf, but if it is properly reinforced with an implosion bar, it will keep most big waves out of the boat. It is important that the skirt does not cave in under pressure from waves.

A hole in the spray skirt allows it to be pulled over your shoulders and fitted around your waist. The skirt should fit firm around your waist, or held up by shoulder straps. The order to dress when using a spray skirt is: clothing, spray skirt, rain jacket and Personal Flotation Device (Life Jacket).

The spray skirt is an important safety item. If you're planning on any long trips over open water it's virtually manditory that a spray skirt be used.