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Equipment: Waterproof Bags and Boxes

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Storage BagsWaterproof bags (dry bags) are used to keep your gear dry. Even kayaks equipped with bulkheads tend to leak water if swamped. Additionally, waterproof bags provide emergency flotation if your kayak fills with water.

Waterproof bags come in many sizes, colors and materials. The most popular bags are roll-top dry bags made from heavy duty PVC plastic. To use the bag, place your belongings in the bag, roll the top flaps over several times and seal with the plastic buckle.

Purchase bags that fit easily through your kayak hatches. Nothing is more frustrating then buying a bag that fits your sleeping bag and not having it fit through the hatch. It's also a good idea to get bags of different colors for quick identification of the contents.

Waterproof boxes can be used to hold items that are fragile or may puncture a bag. Many kayakers use dry boxes for to hold their first-aid kits or cameras.