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Honeymoon Island

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Honeymoon Island State Park

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Difficulty: Basic/Moderate Scenery: Good
Location: Dunedin,
Pinellas County
Distance: 6 miles round trip from causeway to Bird Observation Area or 9 miles to circumnavigate the island.
Atlas: Page 82 D-2
Last Update: July 2006 Canoe OK: No


Honeymoon Island is a Florida State Park that can be reached by car, boat or kayak. Honeymoon and neighboring Caladesi Island were originally part of a large barrier island that split in half during a major hurricane in 1921. The waterway between the islands is known as Hurricane Pass.

Want to know where the name Honeymoon Island came from? According to the Florida Park Service, Honeymoon Island was introduced to the American public in the early 1940s through newsreels and magazines. The advertisements promised undiscovered pleasures for newlyweds. Unfortunately, World War II happened and the island paradise with thatched huts slipped into the history books. However, the name stuck. A causeway leading to the island was constructed in 1964 and today Honeymoon's pleasures can still be found.

Honeymoon Sunset.
Honeymoon Island has a combustion motor exclusion zone located on the bay (east) side of the island. During low tide this area is extremely shallow and the no-motor zone helps save delicate sea grasses.


From Clearwater, go north on US 19 to Curlew Road (SR 586). Go west on Curlew Road past Alt-19 and onto the Dunedin Causeway. Honeymoon Island is at the end of the causeway. You can put-in at any point on the north side of the causeway to visit Honeymoon Island or the chain of spoil islands to the north. Caladesi Island lies to the southwest and can be accessed from the south side of the causeway.

Parking on the causeway is free. While it is possible to drive on Honeymoon Island, there is an entrance fee and a long portage from the parking lot to most beaches.

Important Items

Boat, Paddle, PFD
Insect Repellent
Honeymoon Island Entrance Fee, $5/car or $3 for one person


Barrier Island
White Sand Beach
Slash Pine Forest
Palm Trees

Honeymoon;Sea Oats.
Sea oats.

Tour #1: Honeymoon Island Bird Observation Area (6 miles)

Begin on the north side of the causeway and head in an northwesterly direction to Grassy Key. It's the large mangrove-lined island located about one-half way up Honeymoon. The water surrounding Grassy Key is very shallow (1-2 feet) with delicate sea grasses just below the surface. If you hang around Grassy Key long enough, it should be easy to spot hungry Osprey fishing for dinner.

Continue north along the mangrove line. The bird observation area is approximately 3 miles from the causeway. You know you've reached the area when you round the top part of the island and begin to turn west. Several park benches can be found along the shoreline. These offer a great place to stop, have a snack and watch our fine feathered friends. The Pelican Cove hiking trail starts about 10 feet from the shoreline and proceeds south.

Tour #2: Honeymoon Island Circumnavigation (9 miles)

Before we start, a few cautions on this trip. One - it requires open water paddling skills and there are some areas, such as the northern tip of the island and immediately around the Dunedin bridge where the water can get bouncy. Bring and use a spray skirt.

You can start on either the north or south side of Dunedin Causeway. I prefer a put-in near Sail Honeymoon (kayak / sailboat rental vendor) and going around Honeymoon in a clockwise direction. It all depends upon how the wind and tides are running. The other benefit of a put-in at Sail Honeymoon is you can get a nice cool soda or other drink after your trip.

To begin, head in a westerly direction along the Dunedin Causeway. A channel runs parallel to the causeway so watch for boat traffic. You'll quickly reach the state park boundry. Paddling past Dog Beach and eventually turning north will take you to Honeymoon's famous beaches. The park has gift shop / snackbar, restrooms, showers, picnic tables and so forth.

Continuing north leads you along the gulf side and, eventually, you'll reach the northern edge of the island. From this vantage point, you'll be able to see Three Rooker Bar (next island north) and in the distance, Anclote Key and the lighthouse. Looking southeast, you'll see what looks like a brown sandy beach area among the tree line. Aim for the brown beach.

Once you reach the brown-looking beach, besides very shallow water and mud, you'll find a few benches, some trees for shade and the north end of the Pelican Cove hiking trail.

Continue in a east / southeast direction and follow the no-motor exclusion signs along the backside of Honeymoon Island. Paddle outside of the signs to keep enough water under your boat. Grassy Key (see tour #1) is a favorite place to birdwatch.

To return to your car, go south toward the condo buildings. Near the condos is a bridge that allows you to paddle under Dunedin Causeway. A few hundred more yards and you'll be back at your vehicle.

Special Interest

For those visiting the State Park, a ferry service runs hourly between Honeymoon and Caladesi Islands. The ferry transports people only and is not equipped to carry kayaks or canoes. Other amenities on Honeymoon include a snack bar, showers, fishing, picnic areas, hiking trails and Florida's only "pet beach". Should you have a hankering to take Fido to the beach, bring a close-pin for your nose and watch your step.

The Osprey and Pelican Cove Trails on Honeymoon Island offer an interesting break from kayaking. The trails meander through virgin slash pine forests that serve as nesting areas for Osprey. The Pelican Cove Trail offers excellent bird watching along the salt marshes of the bird observation area. To reach either trail, enter Honeymoon Island via the Ranger station by car; follow the Nature trail signs to the north-most picnic area. Be sure to lock down your kayak and hide other valuables. The hike takes approximately 1-2 hours and is approximately 2 miles in length.

Honeymoon;Wild Island.
Exploring Honeymoon's wild
North end.
Honeymoon;A great place for a break.
The gulf side offers several great
places to take a quick break.

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Honeymoon Put-In
Oyster bars
Spoil Island Put-In
Sand beach
Grassy Key
Bird Observation Area
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