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Equipment: Tow Lines

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Throw Line Tow lines are buoyant ropes used to attach two kayaks together to assist an injured or exhausted kayaker.

Most tow lines are about 30 feet long and are kept coiled in a mesh bag for easy deployment.

Tow lines specifically make for kayaking typically come with a velcro strap that wraps around the towing kayaker's waist. This allows for easy attachment and separation of the kayaks.

To use a tow line, fasten one end of the line to the rear deck of the towing kayak and the other end to the bow toggle or carry strap of the disabled kayak. The kayaker in the towing boat should keep a sharp knife handy if he/she needs to quickly separate the two kayaks.

Two kayaks can easily tow a single kayak using two lines and operating in a "V" formation with the disabled kayak at the bottom of the "V".