Get a Free Club Site for your Florida Paddling or Outdoor Club*

Now for a limited time you can get a free Club Site on!

What do you get?

1) We provide your club with website hosting services (this means you'll have a space on the Internet).

2) We provide a way for others to find your club with a web address of: name)
Where (some name) is a mutually agreed upon name or words. Already have a domain name? No problem. Just point it to your directory on Club Kayak.

3) We give you an email address of:

(some name) Simply ask and we'll increase it to 10 email addresses.

4) We give you two gigabytes of disk space and up to 50 gigabytes of monthly data transmission. That's a lot. To give you an idea of how big this is you could have 7,000 VGA-size photos (640x480) stored on your Club Site.

5) If we like your Club Site, we'll display a summary, logo and link on the home page. This could drive thousands of visitors to your Club Site each month and help your club grow by leaps and bounds.

6) You get to be part of the Club Kayak family of sites. By joining, you help us built overall size and mass, which helps everyone by increasing website visitor traffic and page rankings.

7) We provide your club with a copy of the Wetstone CMS web application. This software, on our servers, will be used to run your site. Wetstone CMS gives you an Event Calendar, Forums, Trip Reports, Photo Gallery, Custom Forms and more. Take a look at Green Wave Forum or Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers club. They both use Wetstone CMS.

Read more about Wetstone CMS.

Are you Eligible?

In order to receive a free Club Site at, your organization must meet the following requirements*:

1) Your club is a Florida-based club for paddling human-powered watercraft or,

Your club is a Florida-based multi-sport organization and paddling (kayak, canoe, human-powered watercraft) is one of the primary activities.

2) Your club has a Florida USA postal mailing address.

3) Your club has ten or more dues-paying members.

4) Your club operates as a non-profit organization/club.

5) You must license one copy of Wetstone Media's "Wetstone CMS" software and sign an agreement to use the software for free. We will only host clubs that use Wetstone CMS. The free software is only available for use on and cannot be used on other sites.

6) You must allow, at it's option, to display advertisements on your website pages. keeps any revenue received from the advertisers.

That's it. Meet these requirements and you're on your way to joining!

Get Started Now.

Are you ready to get started on If so or if you have questions, email Be sure to tell them you are interested in a FREE Club Site on

*Some restrictions apply on the free Club Site offer. See "Are you Eligible?" above. reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer for a free Club Site for your Florida Paddling or Outdoor Club at any time.

Revised December 5, 2011

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