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We are your one stop Internet spot for FREE paddlesport lists. Whether you are a novice or seasoned pro, having the right equipment and accessories can mean the difference between a bad trip and great experience on the water.

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Duck Pond Paddle (less than 4 hours)
Minimum equipment for calm protected waters or pokey slow-river trips.

Beginner's Paddle (1/2 day)
Here's the basic list to get you started. Have a great trip!

Advanced Paddle (full-day trip)
Are you spending eight or ten hours on the water? No problem - if you remember to bring the right gear.

Camping Trip (2 to 5 days)
If you plan on spending one or more nights under the stars, use this list to make sure you don't forget necessary items.

First Aid Kit
A proper first aid kit is an essential item for all paddlesport activities. See how we stocked ours.

Contributed Lists and fun stuff too!
Just when you thought you packed everything, someone comes along with another "must have". Don't say we didn't warn you!

About Us...
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