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Do you think you're ready to hit the local river or protected coastal area? You'd better check this list to make sure.

Here is the basic equipment that you need for most half-day paddle trips.

Critical Item Canoe or Kayak     For whitewater add:
Critical Item Paddle   Critical Item Helmet
Critical Item PFD (Life Vest)   Critical Item Flotation bags (for kayak)
Critical Item Whistle (noise-maker)   Critical Item Spray Skirt
Critical Item Pump and/or Sponge     Eyeglass straps
Critical Item Appropriate clothing     Nose clip
Critical Item Photo ID     Dry bag (for your gear)
Critical Item First Aid Kit     Paddling jacket / wetsuit
Critical Item 2 Quarts water / drink      
  Matches / Lighter     For touring add:
  Cell phone     Compass, maps
  Money / phone change      
  Sun-Protection lotion      
  Snack or Lunch      
  Critical Item = critical items