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Proper preparation can give you a strong edge towards overcoming emergency or survival situations. It is important for everyone who participates in canoeing or kayaking to have a first aid kit and basic first aid and CPR skills.

Excellent sources of instruction are available from the American Red Cross, YMCA, American Heart Association, local hospitals and scouting programs.

Critical Item First Aid Book
    Knuckle Bandage
Critical Item Bandage 3/4"
    Calamine Lotion
Critical Item Bandage 1/2"
    Benzocaine (insect bites)
Critical Item Gauze Pad 3"
    Electrolyte Tablets
Critical Item Adhesive Tape
    Nasal Decongestant
Critical Item Gauze Bandage 2"
Critical Item Antiseptic Towelette
    Laxative Tablets
Critical Item Aspirin Tablets
    Aloe Vera Gel
Critical Item First Aid Cream
    Lip Protection
Critical Item Germicide (Iodine)
    Motion Sickness tablets
Critical Item Ammonia Inhalant
    Cold Compress
  Acetaminophen Tabs
    Chemical Hand Warmer
    Razor Blade
  Water Purification Tablets
        Critical Item = critical items