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Canoe and kayak camping can either be a real mess or a great deal of fun, depending on your attitude, the weather, fellow paddlers and how well prepared you are. We've put this list together to help you plan for overnight to five day trips. Happy adventures under the stars!

Use Advanced List to start and then add the following items:

Critical Item Tent     Sleeping Pad
Critical Item Sleeping Bag     Pillow
Critical Item Ground Cloth     Rain Suit, Poncho
Critical Item Dry Bags (for gear)     Water Filter
Critical Item Lantern and Flashlights     Fishing Gear
Critical Item Toilet Paper     Plastic Trash Sacks
Critical Item Paddle Clothing     Radio
Critical Item Camp Clothing     Rope or Twine
Critical Item Stove and Fuel     Extra Matches, Lighter
Critical Item Pot, Frying Pan     Extra Batteries for Flashlight
Critical Item Plate, Bowl, Cup     Extra Eyeglasses
Critical Item Fork, Spoon, Knife     Interesting Book or Game
Critical Item Can Opener      
Critical Item Dish Towels, Soap      
Critical Item Food      
Critical Item 1 Gallon Water / person / day      
        Critical Item = critical items